Woodworking, Flat Work

I can design and build custom shelving to meet your requirements. 

I designed and built these shelves to hold old shellac records that play in the phonographs with the big horns. These records are heavy so the shelving was built to withstand their weight.  Here are several pictures.

These shelves were designed to hold 10 inch records.


This shelf was designed to hold 12 inch records.


I can replicate a one of a kind items.  I fabricated the base for a trophy that is made from a C130 airplane propeller hub. Click here to see the the history of the trophy.


I can build custom furniture. Here are two pictures of a large china cabinet that I build for my wife. It is made of oak and oak plywood.  The genesis of this project was a picture that my wife found online. The glass doors were fabricated using my Cricut machine to cut vinyl stencils and then sand blasting the glass with 240 grit abrasive.

The unit was designed to fit the space. It is 63 inches wide and 96 inches tall. The base unit is 18 inches deep and the top unit is 16 inches deep.

This photo gives a perspective on how big the cabinet is.

My daughter found a picture of a lovely window seat that she wanted. I was able to customize the size to fit her windows. It is made from ebonized poplar with a shellac finish.

I fabricated two of these.

The finished product.

 Here is a picture of one of the raised panel doors I made for our basement cabinets.

These are unfinished clear pine.

I have made many other wood pieces, these can be seen here.

Woodworking, Turning

For a brief history of my wood turning experience click here. Some of it is actually sort of funny.

As for my wood turning services , I can make a custom pens, tap handles, lidded boxes, bowls, and other unique items that are great for giving at Christmas. December 1st is the cutoff date for ordering customized Christmas items. All of these items and be further personalized with my laser engraver. Here are pictures of some of my work.


I also participate in turning lidded bowls for Beads of Courage and turn pens that are given to our active service personal.