3 Liter Wine Boxes by Prugh Designs  

Updated December 2022

3L Wine Box

These 3 liter wine boxes are made from 3/8 (10mm) Baltic Birch Plywood. The exterior of each box has one coat of clear shellac (this is what gives the slight amber tone) then two coats of satin lacquer. This yields a protective coating that resists alcohol marring the finish.

The front panel is ¼ (6mm) Baltic Birch Plywood that has been engraved with my Epilog Zing 40W Laser. 

The tall box is designed to fit under the standard kitchen cabinet that has 18 inches between the counter top and the bottom of cabinet.

Price List in US Dollars

  • Short box            $ 69.95 Price increase to 79.95 as of Dec 11th 2022.
  • Tall Box              $ 79.95  Sold Out
  • A Numbered Standard Graphic (Numbers 1 - 27 from below) is included in the box price.

When you get tired of looking at the same old graphic CHANGE IT UP!

The Standard Graphic Fronts (Numbers 1 – 27) are for sale $14.95

Customize Your 3L Wine Box

Notice — Due to the shortage and huge price increase of the Baltic birch plywood used in the construction

I will have to increase the box prices by $10.00 as of Dec 11th 2022.  Thank you czar Putin.

  1. Pick a size
    • Short Box ---------------------------------------------------------------- $ 69.95
    • Tall Box ------------------------------------------------------------------ $ 79.95. Sold Out
  2. Modify a Standard graphic ( 1-27) with enhancements
    • Up to two lines of text added to Standard graphic + $ 10.00
      • Additional text lines                     + $ 5.00
    • Standard graphic color enhanced           + 20.00
  3. Have a unique customization?
    • Custom graphic (non-photo supplied by you) jpg, bmp, png format   + $30.00
      • Price  may be more determined by the complexity of the design. Contact me for quote.
      • Each line of text                                        + $5.00
    • Custom JPG photo engraved                                + $40.00
      • Each line of text                                       + $5.00

Holiday Graphics are in the works. Gobble Gobble HO HO HO

For custom work, contact:

Louis Prugh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


  • When modifying Standard Graphic Fronts, the size of the graphic may be changed to support the requested additional information.
  • The supplied graphic has to either have the background removed or have the background white (255,255,255) or else the laser will put the graphic in a textured box. This is not what you want.
  • Every effort will be made to have the enhanced graphic emailed to you in pdf format for your approval.


Standard Graphic Fronts

Standard Graphic Fronts are pre-engraved and ready to mate with the box at the time of the box purchase. These are designated by numbers (1-27) as shown in the following pages.


To Order Contact Louis Prugh with the size and graphic number.

Continue to Wine Box Configuration Options Part 2 for additional information.